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UKI Trial JAG  - Sign up form 7/2-3/2011 Wilsonville, OR  
UKI Trial Lavadogs - Sign up form 7/23-34/2011 Brownsville, OR LavaDogs
LavaDogs Precision Handling Workshop - Sign up form 8/6-7/2011   LavaDogs
UKI Trial JAG 8/27-28/2011 Wilsonville, OR  
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UKI Trial - Sign up form 2/26-27/2011 Canby, OR LavaDogs
UKI Trial RedHot Lava Dogs 11/20-21/2010 Argus Ranch, WA Jill Crawford
Greg & Laura Derrett Handling Seminar

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11/12-14/2010 Redmond, OR LavaDogs
Competitive Handling Camp

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9/22-24/2010 Madras, OR LavaDogs
UKI Trial 7/17-18/2010 Brownsville, OR LavaDogs
UKI  Match - Sign up form 7/16/2010 Brownsville, OR LavaDogs
UKI Match JAG 6/18/2010 Portland, OR Jim Hibbard
UKI Match JAG 5/2/2010 Wilsonville, OR Jim Hibbard
UKI Match RedHot Rovers 4/7/2010 Argus Ranch, WA Jill Crawford

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